UnitedStar, with 14 Years of Experience in the Fan Industry, Teaches You How to Start the Fan Industry

In recent years, as global temperatures have continued to rise, the demand for cooling equipment has also continued to increase, and the fan market has continued to heat up globally. This article will reveal to you how to start a fan business. We will explore international market needs, market trends and some entrepreneurial advice.


  1. Global trends in the fan market

In recent years, as global temperatures continue to rise, fans have become an indispensable household appliance in our lives. Whether it’s hot summer or dry season, fans can bring us coolness and comfort. In addition, with the development of science and technology, new products such as smart fans and silent fans continue to emerge, satisfying consumers’ pursuit of quality life. According to statistics, the global fan market is expected to reach US$30 billion in 2024. This figure undoubtedly reveals the huge potential of the fan market.


  1. International market analysis

After an in-depth study of the fan market, we found that the international market exhibits the following characteristics:


Consumption upgrade: Consumers have increasingly higher requirements for quality and experience. This encourages companies to continue to innovate and provide more efficient, quiet, and smart fan products.


Regional differences: Different countries and regions have different needs and preferences for fans. For example, Southeast Asia focuses on healthy fans, while Europe prefers artistic fans. Therefore, it is important to understand the culture, climate and living habits of each region.

Policy environment: Many countries have implemented relevant policies for the fan industry, such as environmental protection regulations, tax policies, etc. Understanding these policies can help companies develop appropriate business strategies.


  1. Entrepreneurship Advice


Understand the market: Before entering the international market, gain an in-depth understanding of the consumer needs, cultural background and consumption habits of the target market. This will help you develop a targeted marketing strategy.


Research the market: Research to understand popular brands, product price ranges and why the brand is popular. Purchase a small number of fans for reference to get an overview of construction, strength, lifespan, etc.


Innovative products: Pay attention to technological development and integrate new technologies into product design. For example, you can consider introducing technologies such as the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence to make fans smarter and more convenient.


Pay attention to policies: Always pay attention to changes in the policy environment of the country where you are located, such as tax policies, environmental protection regulations, etc. This helps you adjust your business strategies in a timely manner and ensure that your business operates in compliance with regulations.


Build a brand: Create a unique brand image and enhance product visibility. Expand market share by collaborating with local partners to carry out brand promotion activities. /

Optimize the supply chain: While ensuring product quality and delivery cycle, pay attention to cost control. Establish long-term cooperative relationships with reliable suppliers and reduce procurement costs.


Talent cultivation: Pay attention to the introduction and cultivation of talents. Having a highly qualified team will help a business succeed in the international market.

Establish good customer relationships: actively communicate with local customers to understand their needs and expectations. Establish long-term and stable customer relationships by providing high-quality customer service.


Expand channels: Use social media, e-commerce platforms and other channels to conduct online sales. At the same time, participating in international exhibitions and holding offline events are also important ways to expand business.

In summary, the fan industry has broad development prospects globally. Through in-depth understanding of the international market, innovative products, optimized supply chain and other strategies, you will be expected to succeed in the international fan market.


Fan company United Star has more than 14 years experience in home appliance product development. At present, United Star has a perfect internal structure and has passed the ISO9001 quality system of nearly 41237 square meters of plant, which includes six workshops of hardware, motor, injection molding, net cover, and final assembly. United Star has the most advanced domestic R290 mobile air conditioning production line, as well as an enthalpy difference laboratory.


We have 1133 kinds of products, among them, 82 have their property rights. We mainly produce portable air conditioner and electric fans,such as stand fans, ceiling fans, rechargeable fans, solar fans, and BLDC motors. United Star has its own freight forwarding company and has more initiative in trailer and sea transportation.

United Star has six registered trademarks, more than 30 product patents, GS/CE/CB/SAA/RoHS/SASO/CCC, and other certificates. United Star has six R&D engineers, an average of 13 new products are developed every year. Our products are exported to 126 countries, we wholeheartedly for customers to provide OEM and ODM services, have cooperated with famous enterprises at home and abroad, such as French Carrefour supermarket, German Lidl supermarket, Indian Orient company, and so on. Since 2019, the sales growth rate of our own brand United Star in the global market has exceeded 250% for three consecutive years. Meanwhile, we have cooperative assembly bases in Indonesia, Tunisia, Mexico, Nigeria, and other regions.


” To be the most reliable environmental air cooling appliance provider. Committed to the comfort and environmental protection of the family and the earth environment ” is our persistent goal.




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