In Hot Summer, You Deserve A Six-blade Fan

As a reliable environmental air cooling supplier, UnitedStar has been continuously designing, developing and producing new and cost-effective air cooling products, including stand fans, ceiling fans, charging fans, table fans, mobile air conditioners and dehumidifiers, to meet the needs of global customers to improve the environment.In 2023, UnitedStar will launch several self-developed new fans, such as the six-bladed fan introduced in this article.

Advantages of Six-blade Fans

Six-blade fans are more beautiful than fans with fewer than six blades. Six-blade fans are usually more elegant in appearance, more modern, and more fashionable, and can be better integrated into home decoration.

If you prefer a breeze effect rather than a gust of wind, a six-blade fan is a better choice. As the number of blades increases, the wind speed slows down and you get a more even wind, like a breeze.Six-blade fans typically move more air per rotation than fewer-blade fans, which can help provide better cooling or ventilation in a room or space.

Six- blade fans are much quieter than fans with less than six blades. The more blades a fan has, the quieter it will be. Here, it’s not the noise from the fan motor, but the wind from the fan. Fans with fewer blades, such as 3-blade fans, have higher wind speeds and are noisier. On the other hand, the six-blade fan provides a more even airflow, which reduces overall ambient noise.

The size of the six-blade fan depends on a variety of factors, including the size of the blade, the speed of the blade,  the angle of the blade, and shape of the motor and the power of the motor.In general, however, six-bladed fans are expected to provide a good balance between airflow and noise.

UnitedStar’s 2 six-blade fans

1. The latest design fashion six-blade stand fan

This unique and exquisite six-blade stand fan, which will be launched soon, has a plastic net cover and curled fan blades, which can make the wind distance reach 4.5 meters. It can also be connected to the WIFI of the mobile phone, which is more convenient to operate the fan.

2.This 18 inch six-blade ABS plastic stand fan, aluminum motor, 3-speed adjustable wind speed, and a round base can firmly support the entire fan, bringing you coolness without producing too much noise.

Why choose us?

United Star is one of the most reliable China fan supplier of environmental air cooling appliance. We have advanced automated production lines in which robots assemble components. We wholeheartedly provide OEM, ODM, and OBM services to our customers. We have more than 14 years of experience. If you need any help with choosing a suitable product or have any questions about us, please feel free to contact us at any time and we will try our best to assist you. Please be assured that your inquiry will be replied to within 24 hours.



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