A Must-have Product for Summer! UnitedStar Mobile Air Conditioners Are Upgraded to Make Your Summer More Comfortable

In the hot summer, air conditioning has become an indispensable part of our lives. In order to bring you a more comfortable life experience, we at UnitedStar continue to upgrade and improve to make our products more excellent and competitive, allowing you to have a more comfortable summer environment.


The hot-selling upgraded version of the UnitedStar portable air conditioner has become a must-have product in summer with its larger air volume, wider usable area, lower noise and higher cooling capacity. On the basis of continuous improvement and innovation, we are committed to providing users with higher quality and more efficient mobile air conditioner products to satisfy users’ desire for a comfortable life.

First, we upgraded the air outlet angle from 90 degrees to 120 degrees, resulting in a wider air volume range. In this way, you can enjoy the cooling effect in a wider range and no longer worry about being unable to achieve the expected cooling effect in a small space. At the same time, we have also increased the air volume from 280m³/hour to 300m³/hour, so that you can enjoy the cool and comfortable effect in a larger use area.

Secondly, we reduce the noise from 65dB to 61-64dB, so that you can enjoy the coolness without being disturbed by noisy noise. In this way, you can place this mobile air conditioner in your bedroom, not only enjoying the cooling effect, but also maintaining a quiet environment, making your sleep more relaxing and comfortable.

We have increased the cooling capacity from 3000BTU to a maximum of 9000BTU, and the air volume is larger, allowing you to enjoy the cooling effect at higher temperatures.


In addition, we have increased the number of cabinets from 611 to 640, saving cabinet space, saving ocean freight and reducing customer costs. Let more users choose our products and enjoy better product quality and services. At the same time, in addition to CE, CCC, and GS certificates, we have also added an ETL certificate to make our products more in line with international standards and quality requirements.


In addition to the above-mentioned enhancements, this product also comes with a variety of advanced functions and design features. The 360-degree universal wheel design makes movement more flexible and convenient; Class A energy efficiency and environmentally friendly R290 refrigerant ensure the high efficiency and environmental protection of the refrigeration process; at the same time, the product also integrates refrigeration, heating, fans, dehumidification and UVC disinfection, etc. functions to provide users with a comprehensive user experience. In addition, our products have also obtained BSCI certificates, providing users with more guaranteed quality and environmental certification.

UnitedStar believes that this newly upgraded portable air conditioner will become an indispensable part of your summer life, making your summer cooler and more comfortable. We will continue to design and improve our environmentally friendly refrigeration products to contribute to the refrigeration industry and environmental protection.


Why choose us?


United Star is one of the most reliable air conditioner manufacturer of environmental air cooling appliance. We wholeheartedly provide OEM, ODM, and OBM services to our customers. We have more than 14 years of experience. If you need any help with choosing a suitable product or have any questions about us, please feel free to contact us at any time and we will try our best to assist you. Please be assured that your inquiry will be replied to within 24 hours.



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