What’s the Special of a Portable Air Conditioner – A New Member of the Air Conditioner Family and Tips of Purchasing

In the hot summer, almost everyone needs to escape the relentless sunshine and the accompanying high temperature and humidity. Although many newer houses use central air conditioning, older houses and rental apartments often lack the basic necessities considered by many people. In this case, the cooler portable air conditioner can meet the needs of cooling space.

portable air conditioner

Portable Air Conditioner Overview

Quiet portable air conditioner is a mobile air conditioner that breaks through the traditional design concept, has small body shape, high energy efficiency ratio, low noise, does not need to be installed and can be placed in different places at will. The world’s first cooler portable air conditioner was born in Delong company in Italy  in 1986.

From the appearance, the type and volume of the smart portable air conditioner are similar to those of air cooler,. The compressor, exhaust fan, electric heater, evaporator, air-cooled fin condenser and other devices in the machine body are available. The machine body is equipped with a power plug, and four casters are installed on the chassis base, which can move the air conditioner at will and let the cool follow.

In essence, cooler portable air conditioner is an air conditioner that integrates the internal and external units of ordinary air conditioner. There is no outdoor unit and professional installation is not required. Through the refrigeration of compressor, the hot air is discharged through exhaust pipe to achieve the effect of cooling in local area.

Principle of Cooler Portable Air Conditioner

The principle of the quiet portable air conditioner is relatively simple. The interior is integrated with evaporator, condenser, compressor, exhaust fan, air-cooled finned condenser and radiator. The ordinary air conditioner is “internal circulation” when working. The indoor air flows back and forth. The conversion between air depends on the external unit of the air conditioner. Theoretically, there is no flow inside and outside the room. The smart portable air conditioner is “external circulation”. When used, the indoor air will be blown outdoors, and the outdoor air will enter the room from various channels. Therefore, the energy consumption is low and the use effect is perfect.

Advantages of Cooler Portable Air Conditioner

1. Appearance

Cooler portable air conditioner has the characteristics of fashion, lightness and dexterity. White plastic panel, simple and generous as a whole. Bayonet design is adopted at grating and cover plate, and the upper part is streamlined.
The industrial design level is high, the machine is smooth and concise. UnitedStar’s smart portable air conditioner is divided into classic models SKY-1ASKY-1BSKY-1C, family models SKY-3ASKY-3B) and business models SKY-5ASKY-6ASKY-6BSKY-7Ato meet clients’ different style needs.

Cooler portable air conditioner 

2. Easy installation

The biggest advantage of is almost no need to install. It is equipped with air pipe necking, window frame assembly, suction cup, air duct cover, drainage pipe and drain plug (the last three are optional).

It is very convenient to install a smart portable air conditioner.The exhaust pipe port needs to be aligned with the air outlet on the back of the air conditioner, rotate and clamp it firmly at a small angle, and then install the air duct necking at the end of the air distribution pipe, finally clamp the air duct necking on the window door between. The purpose of air duct necking is mainly to reduce open the gap of the room to reduce the loss of tightness and try not to affect the cooling effect of the air conditioner. And use standard configuration components – window frame components can also serve to close doors and windows to achieve the best refrigeration effect. In order to adapt the height of different doors and windows, the window frame assembly can also be self-contained telescopic and lengthened.

UnitedStar’s portable AC is equipped with 0.5-1.42m retractable baffle which is suitable for most families. The exhaust pipe can be extended up to 1.5 meters.

quiet portable air conditioner

3. Mobility

The bottom of quiet portable air conditioner install four pulleys that can move freely in various places and easy to transport. The diameter of quiet portable air conditioner’s pulley of UnitedStar is large and with silent operation.

quiet portable air conditioner

4. Simple operation

The cooler portable air conditioner of UnitedStar is easy to operate. Generally, there are fan speed, sleep, timer, power button, temperature + – button and operation mode button on the LCD panel.

There is a remote control for long-distance control. 24-hour timing design for you to shut down the machine when you like.

cooler portable air conditioner

5. Multiple functions in one

Cost performance has always been the key consideration when people consume, the same as the purchase of smart portable air conditioner.

The smart portable air conditioner of UnitedStar integrates five functions: refrigeration, heating, air supply, dehumidification and purification.

smart portable air conditioner

It is a smart portable air conditioner that is not idle all year round: blowing hot wind in winter, blowing cold wind in summer, supply air and purification for daily use, easy dehumidification in rainy season. The purifying function can reduce large particles in the air, such as dust and pet hair.It also have the function of independent dehumidification, has a special water outlet for dehumidification, refrigeration and drainage, to provide you a dry and comfortable environment.

6. Environmental protection

The quiet portable air conditioner is equipped with a dust filter that can be cleaned and recycled to protect the service life of the air conditioner while keeping the air clean and work efficiency.

Moreover, it has the effect of improving air quality and sterilization, and reduces the human body’s resistance to allergic reactions such as pollen and bacteria.

7.From a technical point of view, the power and cooling capacity of the cooler portable air conditioner and ordinary air conditioner are basically the same. The difference is the air duct circulation design. The air volume circulation of ordinary air conditioner is aimed at the indoor air circulation, while the cooler portable air conditioner reduces the indoor air temperature and sucks in the outdoor fresh air to ensure the exchange with the indoor air, so no “air conditioning disease”.

This air duct design for fresh air will not reduce the indoor temperature very low. Generally, when the outside temperature is 36 ℃, the indoor temperature is about 28 ℃, and the local temperature can reach to about 25 ℃.

8.Environmental friendly refrigerant R290 and R410A for the smart portable air conditioner replaces Freon R22, which is non-toxic, tasteless and nonflammable, and has no destructive effect on the ozone layer.

9. The air outlet can be opened or closed automatically. Once the machine is turned on, the hidden air outlet will automatically open to blow out the surrounding three-dimensional wind.

It can auto close the air outlet, and also has over-cold prevention function, so to keep the most comfortable temperature of the room.

cooler portable air conditioner

10. Energy saving

The power of the smart portable air conditioner is small. Compared with other types of air conditioners, it can save more electricity.

11. One of the biggest advantages of cooler portable air conditioner is fast local cooling. The cooling effect in local range is faster than that of ordinary air conditioner. It is mainly applicable to the following scenarios:

1) Renting: We all know that there is a lot of difference between the rent with and without air conditioning. We don’t use air conditioning in winter, but we also have expensive rent to pay. At this time, the cooler portable air conditioner is accepted by people because of its small size and convenient movement. They can enjoy the coolness without paying expensive rent as well as take away it any time when moving.
2) Kitchen: Cooking in summer is really a kind of suffering. The oil fume produced by high-temperature cooking makes people be eager to escape from the kitchen in every minute. Compared with the limitations of central air conditioning and split air conditioning, smart portable air conditioner is able to quickly lower the temperature and make cooking an enjoyment.

In the machine room and some instruments with high temperature requirements, for example, in order to prevent overheating of computers, instruments and other equipment, smart portable air conditioner can be used to cool down quickly.

4) For idle guest rooms, halls and offices (few people work overtime, turning off the central air conditioner and using mobile air conditioner can save energy) .Other places that need local cooling and moving at any time, one smart portable air conditioner can solve these problems.

5) Libraries, cultural relics protection sites, protected buildings at all levels and other buildings with restrictions on installation.

Open buildings such as Internet cafes and work stations, and outdoors such as camping, cruise ships, cars, outdoor temporary command centers, etc.

smart portable air conditioner

UnitedStar Donated Portable Air Conditioners for COVID-19 Vaccination Site in Dongfeng Town, Zhongshan,China

In order to fully assist the epidemic prevention and control, on the morning of June 17,2021,  UnitedStar donated 15 sets of portable air conditioners which cost about RMB 16000, to the large temporary vaccination site of COVID-19 vaccine in Dongfeng Town, Zhongshan, China for the cooling of medical staff and volunteers at the vaccination site.
This is a very good application of using portable air conditioners.Over the last few years, portable air conditioners have become more energy efficient and versatile and they may be just what you need in certain situations.

quiet portable air conditioner

What aspects should be considered when buying cooler portable air conditioner?

1. Determine the most suitable size for your room

Power selection: This is the same as other types of air conditioners. Before purchasing air conditioners, firstly measure the area of the room, and then consider room’s orientation, sunlight, air circulation, etc., and then select the appropriate machine. However, there is one difference here: smart portable air conditioner can be moved. Some rooms may be large and some rooms may be small, we recommend you to purchase according to the room the most frequently be used, or directly select according to the largest room area. Don’t try to simply buy the air conditioner with the largest power, because in the long run, you need to consider the size of the equipment and the cost of power supply. The other extreme is to buy only the cheapest and the least powerful smart portable air conditioners. A smart portable air conditioner that is too small for a room will not be able to cool the space.

air conditioner portable

The power of quiet portable air conditioner is calculated in British thermal unit (BTU). The higher the number of BTU, the greater the power of the equipment cools a room. Of course, more BTU also mean more cost on electricity.

Here are some guidelines on what power equipment is required in rooms of all sizes with eight feet ceilings:

8000 BTU cooling approximately 200 square feet of space
10000 BTU cooling nearly 300 square feet of space
12000 BTU cooling nearly 400 square feet of space
14000 BTU cooling nearly 500 square feet of space

Of course, these guidelines will change when faced with different environmental factors. A room with poor insulation and leakage naturally needs more BTU. This is also true when cool down heating equipment such as ovens, computers and televisions.

Other tips include:

If the room is heavily obscured, reduce the estimated power demand by 10%
If the room is exposed to the sun most of the time, the estimated demand will increase by 10%
If there are often rooms with more than two people, it is estimated that 600 BTU will be added per person
When cooling the kitchen, it is estimated to be 4000 BTU more

2.Where should I put my smart portable air conditioner?

During cooling, the smart portable air conditioner generates hot air that must be discharged from a hose. All models we sell come with an included window kit that can vent warm air out of the room. This means that most quiet portable air conditioners need to be inserted within a few feet of the window, so the location of the air conditioner needs to be considered.

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3. How loud is the sound of quiet portable air conditioner?
Quiet portable air conditioners do make noise in your space. If you are concerned about noise levels, be sure to compare the decibel (DB) levels produced by different units. The noise of UnitedStar’s  quiet portable air conditioner is below 64DB. Enjoy the coolness at the same time not to be bothered by noise.

4. Cost
Prices for household portable air conditioners range from $150 to $800. The cost difference may be related to many different factors, one may factor is the power of air conditioner.
Many smart portable air conditioners also serve as heaters or dehumidifiers. These additional uses usually increase the cost, and additional functions such as remote controls or programmable timers also increase the cost.
You may know that air conditioning consumes a lot of energy, so the price tag of the product itself is only a small part of the actual cost of cooler portable air conditioner. According to the data of the Energy Star, about 13% of the average household energy cost is used for cooling costs. When considering which options are the most frugal, be sure to consider energy efficiency. UnitedStar’s smart portable air conditioner is a first-class energy consumption product with low power consumption, energy saving and electricity cost saving.

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If you are considering to purchase a smart portable air conditioner, UnitedStar’s smart portable air conditioner must be your best choice. 5 in 1 function:Air conditioner/dehumidification/ heater/fan/purifier. 5000-10000 BTU for option. With powerful motor, the operation is even and stable. With universal wheels, easy for moving.
With LED display and flexible touch button. It has sleep mode, 24-hour timer, and remote control. Manually up and down air louvers, automatically left and right air louvers. Has washable filters which clean dust in the air. With two drain pipes, dehumidification drains water separately. No water out when cooling. Has over-cold prevention function.

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Our all-in-one heater, cooler, purifier, fan and dehumidifier will get you through the year with versatility, and will definitely improve your environment quality around your space and bring more comfortable and healthier living space.



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